Couples #4

Funky Female Highlife

Sadly only very few women have engaged in west african highlife music production. If they do participate, its mostly as a background singer. They are rarely seen playing an instrument, leading a band or singing the as the lead Vocalist. It seemed the Highlife buisness was a totally male dominated scene.
But there are a few records I know where women are the lead and they are mostly exceptional great and unique. My two favourites are from Nigeria: Christy Ogbah and Christy Omon Ukpebor – very funky with a strong, hypnotic voice.

The Sleeves are as often special, I like the ruff collage techniques and the graphics from the Ogbah backside. The back of Christy Omon definetly tells that she is the most important person in the squad.


P1160861 P1160859

Oyomon Ale – Christy Ogbah & Her Melody Group, 1978, Mosokam Records, MOSLP 1002


P1160862a P1160863a

 Ebenitye – Christy Omon Ukpebor And Her Melody Makers Of Igueben, Brother Momoh Inter. ‎, BMI 023

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  1. eric

    thanks so much for sharing. i much prefer women singers; unfortunately, the high life vinyl scene does not feature many female musicians. the christy ogbah track is probably my new favorite high life tracks. it’s incredibly special. is there any way you can upload the entire record? thanks again. i love the blog.

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