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Strait Symmetry #4


Some joyfull nigerian disco gospel for a highly new start 2019.

Nice how the title is set in a perfect triangle and the black bar runs parallel to the letter W.
A classical tension building correspondence and contrast between the big orange area and the small orange letters and vice versa. This also applies to the bigger white area reflecting its correspondence to the small white title. This tension is then boosted and underlined by the big black bar. Just simple but strong design.

A  nice label as well: Even with its supposed meaning of virginity, the lily seems to be the perfect hotbed for the yet unknown time to come.



Gimmicks #1

halftone on 45 degree

I like photos that are printed in one colour using a halftone screen. It gives a nice effect of gentle alienation, reminding me of some silk screen arts or duo tone prints. Although in this case I am quite sure that these sleeves are printed using an offset technique because of the fine and feint screen they have.
Anyway I like these two simple and great compositions:
Mr. Oyakhese Ogwogho in the 45 ° checked pattern is still retaining his dandie like confidence. A very beautiful colorway using this special blue and brown.
And the legendary Kyeremateng Atwede encountering a beautifuly designed shape alongside a great font style.

Enjoy “Hwe Dee Akosie” from JNA14 on Obuoba records:


Multiplicity #3

IK Belemu Orbit

To continue the story about spheres and surroundings here are two sleeves from Professor I. K. Belemu arranged in his own orbit. Both records are from beginning to end extremly beautiful, so it was hard for me to decide which song I would play here. The Owigiri King was released on Supremedisk and the other one on Akpolla Records. Deep and funky 80´s highlife from Nigeria!

“The Osuopele Union of Ojobo”

“Boeye Laye Fa”

More information about I. K. Belemu can be found here


Multiplicity #2

To Orbit A Heavenly Body

Both sleeves use the artists image to create ornamental structures in a fine way. The orbiting ornaments have a delightful and mesmerising effect on me. The repetition used on both images generates a certain movement around the center image (the heart and the shape of nigeria) which amplify the importance of the performers. The arrow from the Great Ojo sleeve is targeting Benin City, the capital of edo-funk and hometown of Akpolla Records.


listen to funky “Uwa-Bu-Afia” from Juana-Tina, Akpolla Records, AGB 012

and “Oriovbe” from Great Ojo, Akpolla Records, AGB 128

Both records are from one of my favourite nigerian highlife labels: Akpolla Records.
This label released about 250 records in the 70´s and 80´s from famous artists like Rex Lawson, Ali Chukwuma, Rogana Ottah, I.K. Belemu plus many more amazing deep highlife and edo-funk recordings from other less known artists.

Show What You Have #2

Doing it to Death

P1170858 P1170859

Highlife star Popular Cooper and his all beats band of Nigeria on a sociocritical soul excursion.
Simple and sad story which is repeated permanently all over the world.
I am not sure if the content from the backsleeve is meant ironic. If somebody has some information about the political circumstances of that time in Nigeria I would be happy if you let me know!

If You Never Know Me” from Car Studio – CLP 06, 1978


Fading #6

Special Environment


A perfect correspondence between the traces of water-damage and the environment of Félix Gnoka Groguhet. I am not certain about the type of environment – maybe a salt-lake, a sacred place? If anybody has more information about it, please let me know!
For me also a perfect musical correspondence among Ivory Coast roots and latin vibes. Listen to the complete first side of this very very beautiful record: