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Fading #6

Special Environment


A perfect correspondence between the traces of water-damage and the environment of Félix Gnoka Groguhet. I am not certain about the type of environment – maybe a salt-lake, a sacred place? If anybody has more information about it, please let me know!
For me also a perfect musical correspondence among Ivory Coast roots and latin vibes. Listen to the complete first side of this very very beautiful record:

Fading #5

Waziri Oshomah – Etsakor Super Star !

Chief b
Chief a

To continue the story of the great Waziri Oshomah, here is one of my favourite songs from him. Turn up your speakers and get ready to take off with Zonuze Oluemoebe !

I prefer the back of the sleeve – a fine combination between the black and white images, the light blue and black background areas and the red spot in the bottom right corner. I like the way how both musicians in the right image fade together in their white spaces.
The guy on the front cover is not Waziri Oshomah himself but I guess it´s Chief J. A. Aigbokhade, who might have helped finance the production of the record.

Fading #4

Slow Motion International !


A nice track from the Slow Motion Inter. Band of Ghana with a very special (possibly female?) lead voice. Sadly no further information about the band on the sleeve… It was released in Nigeria on Benco Records, a small label which also has two splendid releases from the Holy Kings Band Of Ghana.
Fade away and slow down in these crazy hustling times with this very beautiful song!