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Strait Symmetry #4


Some joyfull nigerian disco gospel for a highly new start 2019.

Nice how the title is set in a perfect triangle and the black bar runs parallel to the letter W.
A classical tension building correspondence and contrast between the big orange area and the small orange letters and vice versa. This also applies to the bigger white area reflecting its correspondence to the small white title. This tension is then boosted and underlined by the big black bar. Just simple but strong design.

A  nice label as well: Even with its supposed meaning of virginity, the lily seems to be the perfect hotbed for the yet unknown time to come.



Strait Symmetry #3

King Sonny Brown and his Sailors Band

A nice sleeve from King Sonny Brown on Editions Namaco . The form and pattern making up the border around the artist reminds me of baroque ornaments but also carries design elements of christian art that you may also find in Marian images. It´s a basic design pattern which certainly found in many other cultures. The big blue globe on the yellow background is the perfect surrounding for Sonny in his aureole.


“Ndeoma Biri” reminds me very much of the music of the better known Ali Chukwuma, who also released one of his greatest records (ENLP 4) in the same year (1975) on Editions Namaco.
Sunny Brown did play the trumpet with famous Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson and his rivers men, he died about one year ago – you can find more information about him in this article in the

Strait Symmetry #2

Micky Micky & Explosion 80

Two tough guys orbited by symmetric dots and rays geared up to play strong soukous influenced music.


The mysterious expression of the Micky-Micky Bandumba Orchestra sleeve is based on a certain contrast between the modest, rough inside and the gay, jazzy orbit. Small breach of symmetry caused by missing out the fourth Micky.

Stanley is looking very determined out of his octagonal window whilst sending out impressive rays.
They want be seen and heared!

Akafé from Stanley Murphy, Dans Afé Onin Che, Alabi Records AR 003, Ivory Coast