Fading #5

Waziri Oshomah – Etsakor Super Star !

Chief b
Chief a

To continue the story of the great Waziri Oshomah, here is one of my favourite songs from him. Turn up your speakers and get ready to take off with Zonuze Oluemoebe !

I prefer the back of the sleeve – a fine combination between the black and white images, the light blue and black background areas and the red spot in the bottom right corner. I like the way how both musicians in the right image fade together in their white spaces.
The guy on the front cover is not Waziri Oshomah himself but I guess it´s Chief J. A. Aigbokhade, who might have helped finance the production of the record.

Strait Symmetry #3

King Sonny Brown and his Sailors Band

A nice sleeve from King Sonny Brown on Editions Namaco . The form and pattern making up the border around the artist reminds me of baroque ornaments but also carries design elements of christian art that you may also find in Marian images. It´s a basic design pattern which certainly found in many other cultures. The big blue globe on the yellow background is the perfect surrounding for Sonny in his aureole.


“Ndeoma Biri” reminds me very much of the music of the better known Ali Chukwuma, who also released one of his greatest records (ENLP 4) in the same year (1975) on Editions Namaco.
Sunny Brown did play the trumpet with famous Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson and his rivers men, he died about one year ago – you can find more information about him in this article in the guardian.ng.

Fading #4

Slow Motion International !


A nice track from the Slow Motion Inter. Band of Ghana with a very special (possibly female?) lead voice. Sadly no further information about the band on the sleeve… It was released in Nigeria on Benco Records, a small label which also has two splendid releases from the Holy Kings Band Of Ghana.
Fade away and slow down in these crazy hustling times with this very beautiful song!

Couples #4

Funky Female Highlife

Sadly only very few women have engaged in west african highlife music production. If they do participate, its mostly as a background singer. They are rarely seen playing an instrument, leading a band or singing the as the lead Vocalist. It seemed the Highlife buisness was a totally male dominated scene.
But there are a few records I know where women are the lead and they are mostly exceptional great and unique. My two favourites are from Nigeria: Christy Ogbah and Christy Omon Ukpebor – very funky with a strong, hypnotic voice.

The Sleeves are as often special, I like the ruff collage techniques and the graphics from the Ogbah backside. The back of Christy Omon definetly tells that she is the most important person in the squad.


P1160861 P1160859

Oyomon Ale – Christy Ogbah & Her Melody Group, 1978, Mosokam Records, MOSLP 1002


P1160862a P1160863a

 Ebenitye – Christy Omon Ukpebor And Her Melody Makers Of Igueben, Brother Momoh Inter. ‎, BMI 023

Celestial Motherships Vol.1

A new mix in the clouds!

Dancing music made in 1970’s & 80’s, West-Africa – Disco, Highlife, Soul, Funk, Soukous from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Benin. Some latest favourites out of my record box:



Reversals #1

Flipsides were often used for extended informational purposes about the musicians etc.. But if there was only few information to be layouted it seems to me that the designers sometimes used it as an opportunity to utilize the free space for very delightful compositions. Below are some examples of what I mean and like.

DSC_0216DSC_0215Professor Richard Ugiagbe and his Afro Minister's Band bProfessor Richard Ugiagbe and his Afro Minister's Band

For your listening pleasure a song from the last record in the row:
“Ata Ikot Iwa” from the Doves